Our Mission

Recruiting Classroom has a simple mission…to help kids play sports from the age of curiosity to college. All children and adolescents, regardless of zip code or ability, should have access to high-quality sport activity that allows them to develop as human beings.  Whether it’s a youngster who can’t afford to join the local community league to the high school athlete who needs the education to confidently navigate the college athletic recruiting process, Recruiting Classroom is here to provide the resources.

Support our Cause

Every donation will go towards helping a young athlete play sports.

Sport Impact on Positive Traits

  • Value of Teamwork & Diversity of Background
  • Learning from Success & Failure
  • Respect for Rules, Authority, Teammates & Opponents
  • Positive Self-Esteem, Character & Moral Principles

Sports Breaking Barriers

Sport is a powerful tool that breaks down all the barriers and helps kids to feel good about themselves, both mentally and physically. Sport also helps to bring together people from all aspects of life with diversity of religion, nationality, culture & skin color.

Program Grants

Provides dollars for schools, team and community programs who deliver the sports teams, activities and complimentary off the field support (transportation, food, financial literacy, etc.) to children in financial need.

College Athletic Recruiting Education & Support

Provides high school athletes through their school, community organization, or team an online college athletic recruiting education platform with 24/7 access to ask the most important questions about the complicated world of athletic recruiting.

Test Prep & Tutoring

We will work with community groups and select corporate partners to provide our supported athletes with the tutoring and test prep services built into our program grants and scholarships. This ensures we are building the whole person both on and off the field. 

Sports Equipment

We will host used equipment drives in local communities as well as partner with national sporting goods stores to provide equipment to individual athletes.


Provided to individual families and athletes with a qualifying need to pay for sports camps, equipment, team fees, club fees or college and university tours.

Remember When You Were Young?

Developing life skills through sports

Playing sport helps children learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. It also helps children to develop patience and understand that it can take a lot of practice to improve both their physical skills and what they do in school.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork is an important life skill. It’s also an essential part of team sports. Participation in sports allows kids to make lasting friendships, develop communication skills, feel a sense of community and learn to respect their teammates and coaches.


Mental, Social, Emotional Benefits

A correlation has been found between regular exercise and mental health among students in general as they move into the teenage years. Children who reported no exercise were twice as likely to have mental health problems.

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