Founded in 2022 by Bill & Missy Pell, we are looking for passionate supporters to help direct and guide our mission at Recruiting Classroom.

Bill has a proven track record helping manage school non-profit programs to raise money, build thoughtful expense budgets and help programs accomplish their goals on and off the field. He is a valuable steward of funds and has successfully grown business lines through his 30+ years in banking & 8+ years with non-profit school programs. 

Missy’s background as an educator over the past 30+ years provides an invaluable resource as we build support programs for athletes and their families around financial literacy, the importance of academics & partnering with community groups that provide test taking and tutoring services.

Missy & Bill have also successfully supported three boys of their own from youth sports participation, club sports and ultimately through the recruiting process from Division I to Division III college athletics.

We will soon be announcing our Advisory Board and Athlete’s Advisory Board who will both be providing us sound guidance, advice and support as we ensure our dollars invested back into the community have the best and largest impact on those in need.


Happy kids = Happy family!

Help support families through your contributions to Recruiting Classroom. A few dollars goes a long way to help kids with tuition, uniforms, and equipment.

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