We actively seek Agency Partners that meet our guidelines to improve the lives of our youth through sports.


One major part of our growth will be to find agency partners with a like-minded focus on the benefits of helping kids play sports. While we want to be a direct-to-consumer provider as often as possible, we realize often other agencies have programs in place and a constituency that aligns to our mission. Our ability to help fund their programs while accomplishing our mission is an important part of our program. This would be programs like A Precious Child and Athletes & Beyond. We will actively work to identify other agencies partners in our priority markets without turning down opportunities in all markets presented to us proactively.


Companies can provide their support through cash and equipment donations. We also encourage companies to provide cash tax deductable donations on a monthly or annual subscrptions.

Corporate sponsorships are also available!

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We encourage Agencies and Companies to show their support for our community.

Please let us know how you can help!